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Company Vision & Culture

WElcome to kingswood u.s.

headshot Derek Bruton

Michael Nessim
Chief Executive Officer
Kingswood U.S.


At Kingswood, we choose and prioritize partnership above all else – partnership with our clients, partnership with our employees, and partnership with our advisors.  Almost everyone on our leadership team has been a financial advisor at one point in their career, and we take great pride in the fact that Kingswood is an enterprise built by advisors for advisors. We work hard to make that perspective – your perspective – the lens through which we view everything we do and build. 

 I am inspired by and proud to be part of the Kingswood team every day as we work together to accomplish the audacious: building the next great wealth management company of our time. 

 Thank you to those who are already part of this organization and welcome to those who will one day be part of our team! 

At Kingswood, we choose partnership.