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Grow with Kingswood

Develop Your Business

Kingswood U.S. grows when its advisors grow, thus we have implemented resources in order to help you succeed.

Grow through internal recruitment

Many advisors choose to become Series 24 OSJs and to support our advisors that choose to do so, we have developed a substantial internal recruitment team with many years of experience in order to provide the best possible service.

Grow through acquisition

A sure way to push your business to the next level is to purchase a book of business. This method can become quite costly and difficult to finance individually, but with the substantial financial resources we have here, Kingswood is able to reduce the stress of financing your purchase of a book of business. Not to mention, our succession planning team will always be available for you to inquire about any advisors looking to sell their book of business.

growth through marketing

Kingswood has partnered with FMG to help you build a compelling website and deliver content that helps convey your value proposition and turn clicks into leads. Everything is automatically routed through Kingswood Compliance for approval, streamlining your marketing efforts and giving you more time to spend on what matters most - your clients.