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Can You Hold My Attention? Episode 4 - Eric Clarke Thumbnail

Can You Hold My Attention? Episode 4 - Eric Clarke

Orion Advisor Services CEO, Eric Clarke, and I covered a lot of ground in this conversation. As one of the most innovative leaders in both FinTech and financial services, Eric has tremendous insight into how technology drove our industry in 2020 – “A year of Darwinian evolution…” – and how our landscape has been permanently changed as a result. 

  • The importance of leading by listening
  • What Eric sees as the next phase in the evolution of our industry 
  • How Orion’s merger with Brinker Capital led to a new mission: “Power The Advisor/Client Journey”
  • How the American investor benefitted from the evolution of the financial services industry
  • How close are we to “Alexa…” for financial services?