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Everybody's Crushing It - WealthForge Thumbnail

Everybody's Crushing It - WealthForge

Welcome to Everybody’s Crushing It, a new Kingswood podcast hosted by our managing director of investment solutions, Douglas Blake. In this podcast, Doug will explore what drives people who are “crushing it”.

His inaugural guest is Mat Dellorso, the founder of WealthForge, which provides a technology solution – their industry-leading Altigo platform – developed by regulatory experts to streamline investments into alternative securities. In today’s episode, Mat and Doug discuss 

  • What led him to start WealthForge
  • How he got the idea for Altigo
  • The challenges and triumphs of working to create a frictionless path to ownership for alternative investments 
  • How he sees the financial services industry morphing as FinTech becomes more prominent 

They also discuss the importance of leveraging success to give back. Mat’s wife started Noah’s Children to create a better experience for children receiving curative and palliative care in hospitals in central Virgina. To learn more about the organization and the wonderful work it does, or to make a donation, please click here.


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