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Find the Partner That Can Help You Grow Thumbnail

Find the Partner That Can Help You Grow

Matt Nielsen is the Co-Founder of Kingswood Family Office, which focuses on endowment-style investing for ultra high-net-worth individuals and families. In this podcast, Matt talks about his professional journey, the circumstances that drove him to find a new partner, and how Kingswood’s creativity and commitment to his (and others’) growth set them apart from other potential providers. They also discuss:

  • What it’s like to work with professional athletes
  • Why Matt focuses on endowment-style investing
  • How Kingswood Family Office began from a shared commitment to growth and a great introduction
  • How Kingswood helped Matt and his partner become the succession plan for another Kingswood advisor
  • What’s next for Matt & Kingswood Family Office

Resources: Kingswood Family Office