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Business Management Solutions

The most successful financial advisors are not just good wealth managers, they are solid business managers. Leverage Kingswood and our partnership to build and maintain a quality business at a fraction of the cost of doing it alone.

Experienced Practice Management

Gain direct access to senior management team and practice management group with 50+ years of experience specifically in the independent advisor industry and high familiarity with industry trends, the technology and service landscape, and how it all fits together.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the same level of personalized service experience you bring to your client relationships. Importantly, we start by listening! We take the time to understand what makes you unique. Then, we offer strategic and tactical recommendations to help you personalize and define your brand. We collaborate on promoting your business in a way that works for you.

Most importantly, we help you grow your business – organically, through incorporating other advisors into your business, and through helping you acquire other businesses.

Personalized Business Transition Support

Kingswood  works closely with our custodian and clearing firm partners to methodically and carefully transition your business to us.

We don’t eliminate the hassle of moving, because realistically that’s impossible. We assign you a Transition Specialist who will significantly reduce the anxiety of your staff and your clients through detailed planning and the utilization of the technology resources at our fingertips.

Effective Business Enablement Services

Become The Most Desired Place to Work! Attract and retain talented employees and high-performing advisors by leveraging Kingswood and our strategic partners to access benefits typically only found at the largest companies.

  • Health Insurance: Provide access to comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits while substantially reducing your costs of providing these benefits.
  • Office Supplies: Let Kingswood help you equip your business and your office with everything you need at discounted prices.
  • Free Payroll Processing
  • Free 401(k) Services
  • Access to highly-discounted lifestyle services and perks for your employees (hotels, entertainment, theater, and more)
  • Outsourced CFO: Kingswood can provide you with discounted access to leading bookkeeping and accounting services. We will help you lower your financial and accounting costs through outsourcing services designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. Our partnership solution is designed to assist with preparation for SEC Audits, transitions to independence from traditional wirehouse firms, M&A transactions, and strategic planning for the purpose of scaling operations.

Dynamic Marketing & Prospecting Support

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Website Creation

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With our partner, Twenty Over Ten, Kingswood takes websites from boring “digital brochures” to highly-advanced digital marketing platforms that elevate your brand and distinguish the value of your firm. We’ll help your firm:

  • Drive entirely new levels of traffic to your website
  • Easily generate customizable content
  • Build dynamic landing pages that drive, capture, and convert more leads

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Kingswood turns the traditional way for generating leads for your business upside down. Through our relationship with leading digital marketer, Snappy Kraken, we help you access a turnkey lead generation platform that will conquer arguably one of the most difficult challenges an advisor faces today: the proactive generation of new clients for your business. We will help you automate the:

  • Generation of new leads
  • Nurturing of leads
  • Engagement of your clients to generate new referrals
  • Workflows required to efficiently maintain all these new leads!

“Business-forward” Compliance Support

Kingswood embraces your business goals while providing you with the important protection that you and your business need.

Kingswood prides itself in keeping current and highly knowledgeable about industry compliance, while remaining flexible to each advisor’s needs. The compliance team is comprised of highly experienced professionals who closely monitor regulations and emerging trends.

When you partner with Kingswood, you'll enjoy:

  • One team for both your advisory and brokerage compliance needs
  • Prompt assistance with your day-to-day inquiries
  • A common-sense approach to interpreting securities regulations and applying them in your practice
  • A true partnership with professionals who understand your marketing and social media objectives
  • Effective, dependable audits of your branch office

Conscientious Succession Planning Services

Kingswood addresses one of the biggest challenges advisors face today with a comprehensive program that seeks to maximize the value of your practice at point of exit — planned or unplanned.

Whether you’re preparing for a future exit, or if you’re ready to execute now, Kingswood’s experienced leaders can provide the guidance you need to protect one of your most important assets – your business!

Powerful M&A assistance

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your business, Kingswood will assist you with:

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Sourcing a Buyer or Seller

With a tremendous network in the wealth management industry, Kingswood leadership can help you cut through the time and nonsense involved with finding the right partner.

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Assembling the Deal Structure

Kingswood deploys the expertise to your firm to help you determine the most appropriate deal structures.

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Deal Financing

Kingswood brings our balance sheet and our access to leading lending institutions to help design the debt structure most appropriate for your business.