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Our Advisors' Process

We are focused on one thing – helping you and your family achieve your goals.  Our process is designed to evolve as your aspirations and circumstances change.

Initial Consultation – It All Starts With You

Getting to know you, your family and what you hope to accomplish in both the near and long-term future is the primary goal of our initial consultation and information intake. We ask you questions about your family’s aspirations – both financial and lifestyle – your general timeframes for accomplishing them, and your tolerance for risk. We also ask you to provide your current financial information so that we can conduct a thorough analysis before building your plan.

Building Your Plan

After our initial consultation, we get to work. We review your current finances and identify what is working towards accomplishing your goals, and where there are gaps or opportunities for better alignment. We construct a comprehensive wealth management plan that incorporates a full myriad of financial solutions to accomplish your goals in the timelines you have outlined. We meet with you again to review your plan and educate you about how the changes and additions we propose will better help you achieve your goals. Then – with your approval – we put the plan into motion.

Regular Reviews and Refinement

Once we put your plan into action, your Kingswood advisor doesn’t just disappear. We monitor your progress and provide updates at the frequency and in the format you want. If something in your life changes – a new job (or loss of one), a wedding or anniversary celebration, a new baby or grandchild, or an unexpected health issue – you can feel comfortable knowing that we are here and can adjust your plan to make room for life’s surprises.

Ready to Get Started? Contact Ryan Sabet (rsabet@kingswoodus.com) so we can help you find a financial advisor in your area.