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Danielle Mariano: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Build Your Future Thumbnail

Danielle Mariano: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Build Your Future

We love to hear, learn from and share advisor stories. What works for them, what challenges they face, how they continually up their game, and what they’ve learned along the way that has helped shape the advisor they are today.

Danielle Mariano of DeFreze Financial Services and Kingswood U.S. is part of the next generation of financial advisors stepping up to lead their firms into the future. 

In today’s episode, Danielle talks about her professional evolution, what it’s like to become the succession plan for a firm, and how she knew she needed a new broker-dealer to help her evolve her business to its next phase. She also discusses:

  • How she got drawn into financial services and learned to run an advisory business from the ground up
  • How her former role as an athletic coach has helped her in working with clients and managing a business
  • Why she finds being a female advisor a huge advantage 
  • Why she sought out a new broker-dealer, and what her search process looked like
  • How partnering with Kingswood U.S. has helped her manage and grow her business
  • What the future looks like for her and her firm