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Jaime Golden: What to Consider Before Changing Firms Thumbnail

Jaime Golden: What to Consider Before Changing Firms

In today's podcast, Jaime Golden - President of Recruiting and Acquisitions - talks about the importance of finding the right corporate culture  - a place where your voice will be heard - when considering making a move to a new firm. He also discusses:

  • Whether or not the types of advisors looking for new homes have shifted
  • How factors outside of market performance drive advisors to entertain a change
  • Why advisors should look for a good cultural fit in a new firm
  • How advisors can evaluate whether or not a new broker-dealer is a good fit
  • How Jaime & his team help advisors find a voice at Kingswood U.S.
  • How Kingswood U.S. works to ensure its culture carries through to all its employees and advisors