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Regina Faison: Managing the Seasons of Life Thumbnail

Regina Faison: Managing the Seasons of Life

Regina Faison is the owner & CEO of Faison Wealth Strategy, an advisory firm focused on helping clients manage the seasons of their financial lives. Her story of putting her & her children’s lives back together after her husband passed away unexpectedly gives her a unique perspective and an uncanny ability to empathize with her clientele. 

In this episode, Regina discusses her journey – both into financial services and after the passing of her husband.

  • What led her to financial services, and what was it like to be a woman working for a wirehouse
  • How she got herself & her children through the dark years, with all them re-emerging stronger and more resilient
  • How her experience gives her a unique perspective when working with her clients
  • Why she founded the Derrick Faison Foundation, and how it aims to make a positive difference in the lives of families by reducing the number of deaths each year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and by empowering youth and young adults to reach their highest potential in life.
  • Why she chooses to work with Kingswood U.S
  • What she is excited about in the future, both for her firm and for herself.

Faison Wealth Strategy | Derrick Faison Foundation