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Rikin Patel: A Purposeful Approach to Client Management Thumbnail

Rikin Patel: A Purposeful Approach to Client Management

Rikin Patel is the Co-Founder of Kingswood US’s Family Office, who has been helping financial advisors surpass their business and personal goals while reaching their entrepreneurial dreams through comprehensive wealth management and business-building services.

In this episode, Rikin joined Doug to talk about his journey to becoming an advisor, his approach to client management and how he approaches integrating insurance in his clients’ accounts. 

They also discussed:

  • What influenced Rikin while growing up that led him to becoming a CPA
  • His revelation of wanting to help clients in a different way than other advisors
  • How he views accumulation and deaccumulation in a client’s lifecycle
  • Why insurance plays a significant role in his client management
  • His experience at firms along his career, deciding to join Kingswood, and why the family office is special
  • What Rikin is excited about at this point in his career